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Reliance Life Insurance
A life insurance policy allows you to provide the right security for your family in case of your unfortunate absence. As you are the sole bread earner of the family, an untimely demise can cause them severe financial distress. While no amount of money can ever replace a person, life insurance gives you the peace of mind, knowing that your family will have the right financial support to continue living in case of your absence.

Life insurance is a long-term financial instrument that works as a financial backbone to fulfill your family members’ financial needs at important milestones even in your absence. Most importantly, it allows the family to pay off any mortgage, liabilities, medical expenses or loans, so that these liabilities don’t cause an additional burden to them. It is therefore important, to choose an insurance policy that allows your family to continue the same kind of lifestyle and cherish the wonderful memories that come along.

Keep in mind
  • Self-analysis –What is your current family size and financial situation and where do you see yourself in the future? Are you the sole breadwinner in your family? Most importantly, analyse of your current savings and how much cover you need.
  • Evaluate Options – Depending on your life stage, you can evaluate life insurance policies with different coverage plans. For the basic need of family protection, a term plan can be considered whereas for a specific type of need, you can choose from health, savings, child and other plan types.
  • Research – Once you have determined the amount of cover and the type of life insurance you need, you need to have complete information about the chosen type of life insurance plan, understand the benefits and conditions of the plan.
  • Calculate Premium – Once you have identified the plan you need, you can calculate the premium payable on the plan, depending on the coverage you require.
  • Read the offer document – This is the most critical stage of buying any policy; it is always advisable to have a complete understanding of the offer documents with your insurance agent, before signing anything. Do not hesitate to ask your agent any policy related questions.
  • Final Confirmation – Life insurance is for life. So conduct an extensive analysis and have complete confidence in the plan that you are going to buy. Once the plan is purchased and later on, there is any disagreement relating to the policy, you can still back off by returning the Policy Document to the Company within the Free Look period.