GTFS Multi Services

    Your greatest asset is your earning ability & Your greatest resource is your time

Let's see how much you can earn in the next 7 years using this system

1. Each year is divided into 2 phases:- 

(a)  First from 1st January to 30th June

(b) Second phase/semester from 1st July to 31st December

thus a total of seven-year term = 7 X 2 = 14 phases or semesters. 

2. All the products from the above 8 companies are classified into 4 categories A, B, C, D. Each category has different rates of commission.  

Category A includes personal accident insurance Policy, B includes the medical insurance policy, Category C includes the life insurance policy (except LIC) and D category includes products from life insurance companies like LIC and Future.  

3. Normally each new agent needs to sell insurance products (combination of A, B, C, D) worth Rs 30000 in the first phase. This is a very little and an easy target that can be completed even by purchasing insurance products for self, family or friends. After this, in the next six months, the agent needs to introduce 4 agents in his down line. Every agent who works as per company policy and completes 7 years, the company pays him huge benefits as per the table below...

4. Each agent gets promotion after every six months, and on each promotion, the company deposits Rs 100000 in GHF (Golden Handshake Fund) that the agent gets on his retirement that starts after 7 years of business and completing the target...

5. Periodically seniors also give gifts to the agents who achieve the specified targets...